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Is your business Cyber Fit?

Our Services

At CyberWise we've been protecting Australian small businesses for over 20 years, since before cyber security was even a buzz word


Using best practices and industry standards, we create custom strategies that align with your business goals.

We also provide control and governance services, so you can not only operate efficiently, but be compliant as well.


We work within defined guidelines and government requirements to put your RPO and RTO into action! 

Don't know what any of that means? Then we need to chat!


We also provide cyber audits (either self-managed or compliance-driven) giving you a comprehensive picture of your cyber posture and risk profile.


These days its not a matter of IF but WHEN a cyber incident will occur. So while we cannot totally prevent incidents from occurring, we can work proactively to limit the damage, and minimise downtime.

Our cyber resilience strategies are world-class and offer the best in proactivity because we take a "people perspective". After all, your staff are your first line of defense. Let's make sure they are equipped!

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