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Is your business Cyber Fit?

A world-class, holistic, AI-driven, cyber resilience platform designed specifically for small and medium business. Addressing ALL of the key small business vulnerabilities:


Email Security

Intelligent monitoring of corporate mailboxes, with alerts and user-interactive quarantine

Device Protection

Real-time protection of your computers, laptops, phones etc.
And of course your network!

User Awareness

A fully integrated suite of learning resources to empower your first line of defence … your staff!


Regular vulnerability campaigns designed to measure staff awareness and pinpoint areas for improvement

Cloud Data

We track and alert you to the health status of your online repositories (e.g. OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox etc)

Web Browsing

Alerts users and restricts fake or unsafe sites, illegal activity, and browser hijacking

External Footprint

Protection of your online reputation, including domains, IP addresses, and other exposed digital assets

Dark Web

Searching for leaked credentials and confidential data that my be for sale on foreign clandestine web sites

Get Cyber Fit today!


We will NEVER provide ANY of this info in ANY way to ANY third party. We ONLY use it for the purposes of sending you our awesome cyber resilience report.

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Is your business Cyber Fit?

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